Narrow V-Belt

Classical V-Belt
Bando V-Belts are built for maximum tension control, drive uniformity and long life with minimum heat built up and stretching. These premium Bando V Belts have proven to have twice the service life and significantly greater transmission capacity than most other brands.
Available in type : K, M, A, B, C, D, E

Double V-Belt (Hexagon)
Designed for reverse-bend serpentine drives by covering the belt with special woven fabric.
New cross section for maintaining proper belt position in pulley groove even in the case of extreme reverse-bend drives.
Due to greater flexibility created by the special woven fabric as well as the new cross section, service life has increased by about 40% over that of traditional.
Available in type : AA, BB, CC

V-Belt SP-Type / Narrow Cogged V-Belt SP-Type
High horsepower rating, require about 1/3 of the space needed by traditional Multiple V belt drive.
Longer service life
High Heat & oil resistance
Compared with Conventional V-belt, Bando Narrow V-Belt are thick and realized high load.
Narrow V-Belt SP-Type : SPA, SPB, SPC, SPZ
Narrow Cogged V-Belt SP-Type : XPA, XPB, XPC, XPZ

V-Belt Power Ace
High horsepower rating, require about 1/3 of the space needed by traditional Multiple V belt drive.
Longer service life
High heat & oil resistance
Length stability. A matched set of Bando Power Ace for multiple belt drives retains superior uniformity under tension. A Bando matched set remains perfectly match even after long periods of storage.
Power Ace raised crookedness nature by making texture of canvas into 120 degrees instead of 90 degrees of conventional V-Belt.
Available in type : 3V, 5V, 8V

V-Belt Power Ace Cogged
The cog-shaped bottom rubber enables use in compact transmission systems with small pulley diameters.
Transmission capacity is 20-30% more than traditional POWER ACE, although the rate varies slightly depending on pulley diameter and rotation speed.
Suitable for high speed transmission.
Available in type : 3VX, 5VX
Available in type : 3V, 5V, 8V

Variable Speed Belt
Flexibility, cog pattern gives greater flexibility resulting in efficient heat dissipation.
High power, strong tensile members and transverse modulus provide high horsepower rating.
High heat and oil resistance.
Wide range of speed ratios.
Available in type : VA, VB, VC, VD, VE, VF, VG, VK, VM

Banflex Belt (Polyurethane)
Space saving, high horsepower rating and small pulley requirements permit compact designs.
Smooth running, belts runs very smoothly because of ground side wall.
High speed drive, light weight, Bandflex belts can be drive at high speeds without excessive vibration or wear.
Available in type : 5M, 7M, 11M

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