Cylindrical Roller Bearing



Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Cylindrical roller bearings have rollers that provide a modified line contact with the cylindrical inner and outer ring raceways, while the rollers are guided by ground ribs on either the inner or outer ring. The cylindrical shape allows the inner ring to have axial movement relative to the outer ring. This is especially important when accommodating thermal expansion, where both rings must be press-fitted.


Cylindrical Roller Bearings are bearing in which cylinders are used as the rolling elements as opposed to balls in ball bearings. As such, the rollers have a greater (linear) contact area with the outer ring and are distribute loads across a broader surface. Subsequently, they have a relatively high radial load capacity and are suitable for high speeds. Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have high radial rigidity and are used primarily for precision machine tools.


  • High load carrying capacity
  • High stiffness
  • Accommodate axial displacement
  • Low friction (Roller end / flange contact area)
  • Longer service lifeSeparable and interchangeable of bearing
  • Enhanced the operational reliability & durability
  • Separable and interchangeable of bearing