Pillow Bearings

UKP/UCP Series
This typical type of bearing unit is equivalent to the combination of a widely used plumber block and an automatic self-aligning bearing. Fitting to a shaft can be done easily, simply by fastening ball-point set screws. This type is most widely used in transmission mechanisms, general machinery and similar.

The bottom of the bearing housing has threaded holes for mounting bolts, so the width of the bearing housing is narrower than a standard pillow block unit. This type is suitable for situations where a narrower roller pitch is needed, as in a curved roller.

UCF/UKF Series
This square shaped bearing housing can be mounted on the side walls of machinery and similar using four bolts. The construction around the bearing is simple and mounting is easy. This is the most widely used flange type.

This type fits into a frame and has a cylindrical spigot joint on the mounting side of a square bearing housing. It allows accurate positioning with low eccentricity during mounting and is suitable for drum pulleys and similar.

This bearing housing is rhombus shaped and is designed to enable mounting with two bolts. Multiple bearings can be mounted in a line where space is cramped, making this type suitable for locations such as conveyors where the bearing unit mounting pitch is limited.
A covered unit has a steel plate or cast iron cover mounted on the outside of the bearing housing, making it suitable for outdoor conveyors that are exposed to rain or high dust levels.
The pitch of mounting bolt holes is the same as the diagonal bolt hole pitch of the square flange type bearing, so there is compatibility between the two types.

UCT/UKT Series
This type has a slide groove in the bearing housing that allows the bearing housing to be freely moved. It is used in locations where between-shaft distance must be adjusted. There is no problem even if the shaft center is moved during rotation, so this type is suitable for sprocket shafts for chains and similar.

UCC/UKC Series
In this type, the outer perimeter of the bearing housing is cylindrical and finished to h7 precision, and the bearing outer bore and bearing housing inner bore are spherical. The overall unit is thereby self-aligning and also allows free movement in the axial direction. For long shafts, this type is used for the free side bearing to allow for expansion or contraction of the shaft produced by temperature differences.

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